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Lutèce Création

Lutèce Créations  manufactures automatons, musical mechanisms, quality music boxes and fine musical jewelry boxes. Our automatons are manufactured in France and are of the highest quality including porcelain parts and Swiss musical mechanisms. Our fine boxes are ornamented with genuine wood marquetry are created in the spirit and traditions of our French regions.

Our own creations are sold under the brand name "Lutèce Créations".

We distribute an extensive selection of automatons, music boxes , musical objects that are manufactured internationally. A few products we distribute are: music boxes with dancing ballerinas, musical carousels, musical Faberge style eggs, mechanical musical instruments, cuckoo clocks, books, Cd's and DVDs.

This website is also a homage to the genius of 18th and 19th century  European mechanical clock makers whose search for the secret of life gave birth to extraordinary  and mechanically complex beings.  Please do not forget to visit our Virtual Museum !


Achievements (Produced realized by Lutèce Creations)

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Hand cranked musical mechanism: hand cranked musical mechanism "Le P'tit Quinquin"


Price NOT : 5.42  €

Price AIOT : 6.50  €

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Music box on the theme of pirates with a film melody


Price NOT : 240.83  €

Price AIOT : 289.00  €

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Wooden music box "Big successes of movie's music" : music box "Elfen lied - Lilium"


Price NOT : 157.50  €

Price AIOT : 189.00  €

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Hand cranked musical mechanism with the melody of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean : Main Theme"


Price NOT : 8.33  €

Price AIOT : 10.00  €



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Wooden musical jewellery box with dancing ballerina on the theme of Swan Lake by P. I. Tchaikovsky
Wooden musical jewellery box with...

Price NOT : 20.00 €

Price AIOT : 24.00 €

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On sale !

Reuge music box in walnut with 144-note musical mechanism of three tunes - Polonaise / Tristesse / Impromptu de F. Chopin
Reuge music box in walnut with...

Price NOT : 3 601.90 €

Price AIOT : 3 800.00 €
(7 500.00 € )

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